Get a new smile with professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in Montreal

Over time, teeth can lose their luster and become stained yellow or even brown. While this discoloration can be caused by loss of enamel, it can also be caused by coffee, tea, red wine or other everyday products.

Fortunately, there are quick and professional treatments to correct this reversible imperfection. Professional teeth whitening is a solution that will help you regain a bright white smile by up to 8 shades of white.

Our dental clinic is located near the Papineau metro station and offers a teeth whitening service using the Philips Zoom technique. Our Montreal dentists use this advanced technology to provide you with up to 8 shades lighter teeth whitening.

For professional quality teeth whitening, make an appointment with Clinique Dentaire 1935.

Why have professional teeth whitening?

The shade of your teeth can deteriorate throughout your life for a variety of reasons, such as the consumption of certain foods and beverages or certain bad habits like smoking.

Poor oral hygiene, in addition to causing dental cavities and gum degradation, can also alter the color of the teeth. At other times, the color of the teeth can deteriorate as a result of a health problem or simply as a result of aging. 

For all these reasons, having professional teeth whitening will help you improve the shade of your teeth. Nothing is irreversible and a whiter smile is attainable even after many years. Whitening is a cosmetic dentistry service that restores the color and appearance of your teeth.

Philips Zoom: up to 8 shades whiter teeth

Clinique Dentaire 1935 recommends and uses Philips Zoom teeth whitening because it is a safe, effective and very simple technique. Philips Zoom tooth whitening guarantees results that are up to 8 shades lighter than before whitening. A guarantee that is based on proven results.

In order to offer the treatment that is right for you, your dentist will evaluate your needs and expectations with you. They may suggest either a whitening treatment done in our office (about 2 hours) or an at-home treatment with the help of fitted trays.

Following this treatment, your teeth will become white and bright again, but the composite resin fillings already in your mouth will not whiten. This is why we advise our patients to consult us after whitening to determine if they need to replace any composites that no longer match the color of the rest of their teeth.

What happens after tooth whitening?

Following the whitening procedure performed in our clinic, it is important not to eat, drink or smoke while wearing the trays to ensure a successful treatment. For in-office whitening without trays, it is recommended not to eat or drink colored foods for 2 to 3 days following the whitening. Finally, as the treatment progresses, you may notice that the part of the tooth closer to the gums takes longer to lighten than the tip, which is normal.

In addition, tooth whitening can cause temporary dehydration of your teeth. This dehydration, characterized by white spots or streaks on your teeth and uneven tooth color, disappears within 1 to 2 weeks. This is a normal cause of tooth whitening and should not be a cause for concern.

Finally, to achieve long-lasting whitening and avoid having to make another visit to the dentist, make sure you adopt new healthy oral habits. Teeth whitening is designed to whiten your teeth and correct the appearance of your teeth. It is not a substitute for a daily oral cleaning or regular teeth cleaning and examination by your dentist.

Trust your smile and teeth whitening to Clinique Dentaire 1935

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