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Dental veneers in Montreal

Want to improve the appearance of your smile or correct the look of one or more teeth? Dental veneers can be a solution to consider for many minor cosmetic defects.

Made of a thin layer of porcelain, acrylic or composite resin, dental veneers are attached to the visible part of the teeth. They are an excellent option if you want to improve the beauty of your smile. When appropriate, dental veneers can correct some smile imperfections by improving the color, shape, length, angle, spacing and visible position of the teeth.

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What are veneers used for?


Dental veneers are used to conceal deep and unsightly stains that cannot be removed by a simple dental cleaning. They can also be used to correct the color of teeth when tooth whitening is not enough, as well as to hide cracks in the enamel of a tooth or fill a gap between two teeth. They are an alternative when dental restoration is otherwise not an option.

Dental veneers are made of composite resin, porcelain or acrylic and can correct the shape of a tooth and other minor visible defects. However, the “biological cost” of this solution should be considered. To install veneers, the healthy enamel of the teeth to be covered must generally be trimmed to leave a space for the required thickness of the veneer. Veneers will eventually have to be replaced over time and this must be taken into consideration.

What are the types of dental veneers and how are they installed?

There are two types of veneers in the field of cosmetic dentistry: the direct veneer and the indirect veneer.

The direct veneer is made from composite resin, installed in the mouth and then cured with light. The indirect veneer, which is made of ceramic, porcelain or acrylic, is custom-made in the laboratory from an impression of the teeth. A temporary veneer is installed for about 2 weeks, the time required to make the indirect veneer.

To make a dental veneer, the dentist takes an impression of the tooth that has been cut and prepared before placing a temporary veneer that will protect it until the final veneer is applied. Veneers are simply bonded to the visible surface of the teeth.

Consult with us to find out the cost of dental veneers and the best option for your teeth.

Maintenance and postoperative follow-up

Good oral hygiene is always essential, even when it comes to dental veneers. Since this treatment is irreversible, the patient must wear veneers for life. However, this solution does not require any particular maintenance, except for the daily dental care that remains the same.

As with some dental implantology procedures, dental veneers are placed under local anesthesia. You will therefore have to follow certain instructions during the recovery period specified by the dentist.

Choose the right dentist for dental veneers in Montreal

Although teeth whitening can be an ideal way to restore a radiant smile, there are times when it may not be enough. Dental veneers can correct the color of your teeth while restoring their shape if they are worn, broken, too short or damaged. They correct misplaced teeth, small overlaps and spaces between teeth.

The price of dental veneers can vary depending on the clinic, so it is important to find a professional you can trust. The dentists in our clinic will be able to advise you and offer you the best price for your dental veneers.

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