Fixed implant bridge placement with Clinique Dentaire 1935 in Montreal

A fixed dental implant bridge is a type of restoration for the replacement of one or more missing teeth. When some neighbouring teeth are missing from a dental arch, they can sometimes be effectively replaced with an implant bridge. This practice is effective on several levels. It is a very comfortable fixed replacement solution.

At Clinique Dentaire 1935, we are proud to offer fixed implant bridges to patients who need them. Our team has all the expertise required to guide you through the process.

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The benefits of fixed implant bridges

Missing teeth can lead to problems with chewing and digestion. In order to fill the toothless spaces, a fixed bridge on implant can sometimes be used. This bridge blends in perfectly with the surrounding natural teeth.

The fixed implant bridge offers excellent comfort, good chewing ability and long-term stability. This treatment alternative is very attractive. The fixed implant bridge restores the smile of a patient who is partially missing teeth. This has a positive impact on self-confidence and interpersonal relationships.

How does the placement of a fixed bridge on implants work?

To make the fixed implant bridge, the dentist first places dental implants in the bone at each end of the toothless area. This bone must be perfectly healthy and have enough volume. A bone graft is sometimes recommended to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the implant bridge.

After a healing period of a few weeks, 2, 3 or sometimes even 4 teeth connected to these implants can be fixed. Planning is important. The occlusal forces must be properly distributed to avoid interfering with the integration of the implants. When it comes to a fixed implant bridge, it is important to consult a dentist practice you can trust.

Maintenance advice and postoperative follow-up

The fixed dental implant bridge has an excellent service life, provided that the rules of hygiene and maintenance are followed. Teeth clenching and grinding can cause a lot of stress on an implant bridge. Both of these factors must be taken into consideration. Your dentist may be able to recommend an occlusal plate for this purpose.

Choosing the right dentist for a fixed implant bridge

Fixed implant bridges are sometimes recommended to replace a toothless space. In addition to being strong and perfectly fitted, fixed implant bridges have an excellent life expectancy.

Please note that not all dentists are able to place fixed implant-supported bridges. The general dentists at Clinique Dentaire 1935 are highly qualified in dental implantology. You can safely place your trust in us.

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