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Dental Care and CEREC Technology

When teeth are subjected to years of wear, they can become fragile. While traditional restoration technology is available to protect them, they can still deteriorate if not properly maintained.

CEREC is a new kind of dental technology that has been developed to restore patients’ teeth to their original state and provide complete protection. This technique produces truly superior results when it comes to comfort and chewing.

With state-of-the-art digital instruments and CEREC technology, our experienced dentists are proud to offer custom-made, fully ceramic restorations for your teeth.

Why choose CEREC dental restorations?

The CEREC machine is revolutionary technology that enables dentists to restore and protect teeth in a long-lasting way in just one visit. CEREC restorations are custom-cut from a ceramic block using diamond tools. They imitate the natural structure and colour of teeth perfectly. This cutting-edge technology provides unparalleled comfort and often eliminates the need for root canal treatment, making it easier to maintain your oral health.

With CEREC dental technology, we are able to offer superior-quality restorations that are entirely ceramic and free of any metal structure. The precision of the technique gives our dental professionals the ability to restore your teeth to optimal aesthetics and function. CEREC restorations can be placed in a single appointment and last three times longer than conventional ones!

The advantages of CEREC technology

There are many advantages to opting for a CEREC dental restoration:

  • No additional appointments needed: With a CEREC machine, ceramic restorations can be custom-made in a single session, saving you precious time!
  • Long-term durability: CEREC restorations are much more durable than those made of amalgam or composite resin and are likely to last many years.
  • Excellent biocompatibility: CEREC technology creates a perfect imitation of natural tooth enamel and contains no metal.

CEREC dental treatment: maintenance and post-operative follow-up

We recommend waiting at least an hour to eat after a CEREC treatment. You may experience mild sensitivity to hot, cold or chewing pressure for the first few days, but if you have severe or persistent symptoms, contact us without delay. Afterwards, you can resume using and taking care of your teeth as you normally would. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day and visit a dental professional regularly to maintain good oral health.

At Clinique Dentaire 1935, we are proud to offer high-quality dental care in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Choose Clinique Dentaire 1935 for your CEREC dental treatment

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