The highest quality periodontal treatment and gum care

Periodontal care and gum disease treatment in Montreal

Gums are extremely important. Not only do they support your teeth, but they also serve to reinforce their stability when chewing. Gums help you enjoy life to the fullest. However, they are sometimes at risk of oral diseases, the main one being periodontitis.

At Clinique 1935, we understand the importance of having impeccable oral health. For our Montreal dentists, this includes healthy gums. Our multidisciplinary team of periodontists, dentists and a denturist offer you their extensive expertise in the field of oral health.

Whether you have a dental emergency, need a routine visit or require cosmetic dentistry, our team will always provide you with a warm and friendly welcome. Contact Clinique Dentaire 1935 now if your gums need to be treated by our expert periodontists.

Why should you get periodontal care?

Sadly, sometimes our gums can become diseased. Gum disease is an inflammation of the gums. At the beginning of the disease, the inflammation only affects the gums.

The proliferation of bacteria under the gums can lead to periodontitis, a chronic infection that affects the gums and the supporting bone of the teeth. If left untreated, this infection can lead to the development of bad breath, loosening and shifting of the teeth and tooth mobility. Infected gums that are not treated early can spread to the teeth and require tooth extraction in severe cases.

What risks or diseases can affect your gums?

The build-up of plaque causes the onset of periodontal disease. Plaque that is not removed turns into tartar. Over time, the plaque and tartar cause an inflammatory reaction in the tissues. In some cases, simple scaling of the teeth is not enough. For certain patients, tartar accumulation is more extensive and they may need to consider periodontal gum care.

Our team can detect any gum problems you may have using x-rays and dental exams. We also examine other risks to your teeth when you visit our clinic.

Gum disease prevention is a priority for Clinique Dentaire 1935

Preventing the onset of periodontitis begins with proper oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing and regular scaling appointments at your dentist are essential.

In our Montreal clinic, we are committed to prevention. We perform a screening for periodontal disease during every dental examination. Based on the results, we provide a summary of our overall analysis so that you can make an informed decision.

Our periodontists take care of your gums in Montreal

Your gum health is very important. Gums are one of the first barriers against bacteria. Good oral hygiene undeniably includes good gum care. Healthy gums even prevent dental cavities.

Clinique Dentaire 1935 offers many top quality dental services in Montreal. Our trustworthy and attentive team will be happy to welcome you. We know how stressful a visit to the dentist can be, so our dentists are always ready to reassure you and make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Contact our dentists now. Our dental clinic is located near the Papineau metro station in Montreal and will welcome you warmly. In addition to our dental care services, our clinic also offers dental implantology services.