Complete and partial removable dentures 

from Clinique Dentaire 1935

Removable dentures are dental prostheses that can be used to replace missing teeth and part of the gums. When they are complete and replace all the teeth in the jaw, they are simply called “dentures” in everyday language.

When they are partial and replace only a few teeth in the jaw, they are commonly referred to as “partials”.

Nowadays, your dentist can provide removable dentures that offer a wide range of possibilities. In addition to being well-fitted to the patient’s mouth and offering good stability, removable dentures are less likely to slip and fall out in an untimely manner, such as during a meal or when sneezing, for example.

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Why are complete or partial removable dentures made?

This type of prosthesis is one of the replacement options in the event of total or partial loss of teeth. This loss may be accidental or may be the result of a condition such as periodontitis or dental cavity. Removable partial dentures (RPD) serve a different function than fixed partial dentures (FPD). The clinical case must be properly assessed and the advantages and disadvantages discussed.

Removable dentures serve many purposes. They enable food to be chewed (which prevents digestive problems) and improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile. They also slow down skin sagging below the jawline and the loss of lip support, while also making it easier to speak and enunciate. Finally, they limit the loss of other teeth by stabilizing dental occlusion.

Choosing partial or complete removable dentures

Removable partial dentures are usually made of acrylic and often stabilized by a metal skeleton. A rigid mesh can also be used to support the replacement teeth in the jaw. This mesh is held in place by attachments and is a perfect substitute for natural teeth as it rests both on the gum and the remaining teeth. Consultation with a dentist is always recommended before opting for this solution.

Complete removable dentures are usually made of acrylic only. They replace the entire set of teeth in the upper and lower jaws, resting on the hard palate and gums. Complete removable dentures are less expensive than complete prosthesis on dental implants. This makes them a cost-effective and efficient choice. 

Maintaining removable partial or complete dentures

Removable partial dentures have to be removed and cleaned after each meal. Strict and meticulous hygiene must be maintained when wearing a removable prosthesis. It is important to brush your teeth, gums and dentures thoroughly after each meal. Unless otherwise indicated, removable dentures should generally be removed at night. They are left to soak in a denture bath filled with a denture solution. Dentures should never be left to dry in the open air. This could alter the acrylic in the dentures.

Choosing the right dental practice for your dentures

Removable complete and partial dentures are effective replacement solutions. In addition to being comfortable and stable, they allow for easier chewing of food, which promotes proper digestion.

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